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Nightfall is my MLP OC:…
She loves pulling off dangerous stunts in mid-air, any music that gets her in the mood to fly, Pink Lady apples, tormenting the dark heroes and, kinda sadly, killing for pleasure. She's a powerful magician, capable of long-distance teleportation although she prefers to travel in style ;) and shape-shifting on very rare occasions, as well as various other things. Her top 5 spells:…
For your own good (and head), don't get her too angry. She has Vectors just like Lucy from Elfen Lied, and they HAVE claimed lives. Naturally, she's totally fine with that XD
She doesn't mind gore, but she can't stand brains. Another thing, she's sharp, not blunt ;) she has a fully-upgraded Excalipon, Vectors, removable metal wing-feather-tips like Shen's blades from Kung Fu Panda 2, and her horn.
Her theme song:
If Nightfall gets angry enough, and it's only happened twice, she transforms into Revengeline, a demonic creature with bat wings and hair made of blood.
She also loves swimming in lava! cuz it's warm and snuggly XD

Very special thanks to :iconthebestgingerninja: for drawing my profile pic! :D

When I really want to, I can be a great drawer of horses! ;)…


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ALLRIGHTY FOLKS!!! now that you know a bit more about me and Nightfall, I hope you'll take time to read Peace part 1&2 and Alice in my journals :D I sometimes write cross-over fanfics. I'm also sure you've noticed I ponify Dark Heroes among other things, so come back every once in a while to see who or what else I've transformed! :D



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I heard a metallic snap. Slowly, I looked up from my hands and saw the monster staring in horror at the now much shorter knife. The blade lay on the floor at his feet. He slowly backed away from me in fear as I tried to concentrate. A few moments felt like hours, and I finally gave up trying to get my Vectors under control. Without second thought I turned and ran out of the bar and bolted home. I locked myself in my room and collapsed against the door, bawling. I thought I could control my Vectors. I thought I could handle them and I thought others would be safe around me. Clearly that wasn’t the case. I felt like I’d betrayed everyone, including myself.

I wasn’t sure how long it took the others to follow me. I’d finally calmed down and was sitting in silence, leaning against the door. I stared absently at the wall, thinking of what I could say when the others came home. Nothing came to mind. I heard the front door, then hushed whispers, footsteps, and finally silence. I listened. For a few minutes there was nothing. I sat against the door and curled myself up into a ball. I wondered if the monsters at Grillby’s had settled back down by now, or if they’d all left and gone home instead.

A stray Vector snaked towards the ceiling, and despite everything, I took control of it and brought it back down towards me. I gently stroked the surface, curious to know how it felt. It was glassy, but there was absolutely no friction so my hand slid over it easily, something I found ethereal. It wafted gently in the air like a flag, and I gazed through it at the distorted shape of my bed and the desk next to it. I felt calm, and one by one, the rest of my Vectors crept into the room and settled around me. I was suddenly startled by a soft knock at my door. A familiar voice floated through the wood.

“Hey Alice… Are you ok?” I desperately wanted to answer him but I couldn’t find anything to say. Nothing came out of my mouth. Sans sat down and leaned his back against the door. “Alice, it’s ok y’know? Come out of there and talk to us, we can help you.” I wanted to reach out to him, but with my dangerous ability I didn’t want to hurt him any more than I already had. My Vectors started shifting around more energetically as I became nervous, and I tried my best to keep them in check. I could see it wasn’t going to end well, and as my eyes darted around the room I found my escape. Almost on impulse I stood up and rushed to the window.

I had to get up on the desk to open it and lean out. The sky was clear blue, and not a single cloud rolled by as my Vectors reached out into the open. As nice as it felt to be safely in my room, I wanted to get away. I wanted to be alone. I wasn’t sure for how long, but I figured I’d know when I wanted to come back. I carefully climbed out, held on to the window ledge with my hands and lowered myself. I let go and dropped into the snow about 8 feet down. The snow felt soft and comfortable, but I wanted to go further. I stood up, got the snow off of my clothes and set off for the clearing deep in the forest.


I wanted to go in and hold her. I hated it when she got upset, and Papyrus didn’t enjoy it either. He and Undyne joined me outside Alice’s room. Papyrus knocked smartly on the door. “Alice? Are you there? Please talk to us?” He pleaded. No answer. “… Where is she?” Undyne peeked through the keyhole. “Leave her alone guys... She probably doesn’t wanna talk right now…” I stood up and made my way downstairs, and the others followed me.

“We have to help her...” I lamented. Papyrus jumped up and ran into the kitchen. “Maybe she just needs some spaghetti!” he called out from behind the stove. A smile escaped me as I slipped my hands into my pockets. “Maybe bro.” Undyne got up and started up the stairs. She knocked loudly on Alice’s door and stood back for a moment with her hands on her hips. No answer. Defeated, she came back down. We both sat on the couch looking just about done with life when Papyrus waltzed towards the dining table with plates of spaghetti. “IT’S DINNER TIME!!” It dawned on me that we’d actually never eaten our food at Grillby’s, and I suddenly felt hungry. We sat down and ate our spaghetti, but Alice didn’t turn up.

Undyne went home after an hour, and Papyrus went out to work on his puzzles. I stayed inside, hoping Alice would reappear. I sat down to work on our latest jigsaw puzzle, a 3000-piecer that was proving to be difficult even for Papyrus. 3 hours and 4 measly pieces later, I became worried. I looked at the clock. 11PM. I didn’t want to invade Alice’s space, but I took a spare key out from under a small flowerpot on the fireplace and approached her room. I hesitated as the key turned in the lock, but despite my nerves I slowly peeked inside. She wasn’t there. My heart sank as my eyes fell on the open window above her desk. She’d run away. I stepped inside, wanting to get a better look just to be sure. She was nowhere to be found.

My heart raced as I ran to pick up the phone by the couch. Papyrus answered immediately. “Bro, Alice got out of her window and ran off! Have you seen her?!” I was getting frantic. “No brother, I haven’t. I’m sorry… I’ll look out for her!” “Y-you do that…” my voice was starting to crack as tears collected in my eyes. “... Brother, are you alright?” I thought about Alice out there in the cold. It had long been dark and I knew she’d have trouble getting back home. My knees gave in and I plopped roughly onto the couch. “No bro...”

The tears started falling. I didn’t hear Papyrus hanging up, but within minutes he burst in through the front door and picked me up in his arms. I bawled into his shoulder for a good 2 minutes before suddenly stopping. I felt overcome with a warm safe feeling, and despite my worries about Alice, I couldn’t help but doze off in Papyrus’ arms. He carried me to bed, and I spent the night struggling though unsettling dreams about Alice. In the morning I woke up with a terrible headache. As I got up it felt like a spear was assaulting the back of my head. I didn’t realise I was bobbing my head slightly until Papyrus’ shrill voice ripped through the thick air and into my ears.

“Brother why are you nodding like that?? Are you alright??” I winced and signalled for Papyrus to pipe down. I managed to drag myself to the table and sit down on a chair, but it was very difficult to see since opening my eyes to the bright light in the room felt like torture. It was nice to know Papyrus could put breakfast on the table quietly. I heard curtains closing, and I was relieved to feel my headache lifting ever so slightly. I felt a hand on my shoulder. Papyrus was careful not to whisper too loudly. “Brother... Do you need magic help?” The spears kept attacking my head harshly, but I managed to answer yes. Papyrus’ hand moved up to my head, and he very lightly held it there as his eyes lit up.

The fuzzy warmth of his healing magic seeped into my skull and spread slowly down towards my neck. The throbbing pain started to let up and I felt the pressure of the air around me drop back to normal. As Papyrus finished his spell, I felt a lot better. I opened my eyes and gave him my best goofy smile, but it quickly dropped as my thoughts switched over to Alice. My eyes widened as I sucked in a sudden gasp. “Where’s Alice??” I asked restlessly. Papyrus frowned sadly. “I think she somehow got back into her room while we were asleep last night, because I remember her door was open, and this morning it was locked again...”


Sans sighed deeply. “Papyrus I’m worried about her...” I listened carefully through my door as they talked about me. I’d been out all night trying to practice controlling my Vectors, but there hadn’t been much progress. “Maybe if we wait, she’ll come out.” Papyrus said hopefully. I held my breath for a moment... What had I done? I could already imagine how they’d wait for weeks and months while I ran off every day to work on my control. They’d be forced to spend sleepless nights worrying about me, and entire days trying to find me. I’d have to concentrate on keeping myself hidden from them more than on my practice. At the same time, I couldn’t bear to hurt them again. I had to do this, even if it hurt. It was for their own good.

I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I approached the window again, ready for another day in solitude with my Vectors. I climbed out and dropped into the snow, got up and ran as fast as I could. The little dog had returned to his snowdog and was building another one next to it. I kept running, and once I reached the clearing I felt more relaxed. I took a deep breath as 4 glassy arms slithered around me, and started my training. I was far from being able to hold them in when I got upset or scared, so for now I paid more attention to keeping them in check when they did come out. I practiced drawing straight and curved lines, more complex patterns and even the letter A, but all of those were shaky and in need of more work.

It was time for lunch. I’d managed to skip dinner and breakfast, but I just couldn’t help myself. I reluctantly started home, trying to plan how I’d get lunch without anyone seeing me. Along the way, a small boat floating along the river towards Snowdin caught my eye. There was a tall hooded figure standing in the boat, and they looked like they had another cloak with them. I bravely signalled him to stop. “Excuse me mister, can I borrow your spare cloak please?” I asked politely. The hooded figure had no signs of a face, and I felt uneasy as they silently reached down and picked the cloak. They handed it to me and I thanked them, but before I could turn around, a ghostly voice pierced my ears.

“Tra la la... Fear will be your undoing, little girl...” I froze. My breath caught in my chest and my heart skipped a beat. The figure let the cloak go in my hands and started his boat again down the river. I stood in silence for a few seconds before finally letting myself breathe again. The figure either had no idea how coincidental that sentence was, or had a frightening insight into people’s minds like some otherworldly spirit. My mind would have started racing with thoughts about the strange figure if it hadn’t been for my tummy rumbling loudly. I wrapped the cloak around myself and set off for Grillby’s.

I stepped nervously into the bar, hoping no one would recognise me. I lightly made my way towards the familiar flaming monster and sat down on one of the tall chairs. I did my best to hide my face as Grillby asked me what I wanted. “Can I get a burger to go, please.” Suddenly a voice sounded to my right. “Make that two, and put it on my tab, buddy!” It was Sans! Horrified, I shifted under the cloak, trying not to be seen. I felt Sans watching me. “... Hey... You new here?” He asked. I barely managed to stay long enough to collect my order, and once I had it, I rushed outside. That was way too close. I vowed to be more careful next time I tried that.

On my way back to the clearing, I considered leaving the cloak by the river for the figure to collect, but decided against it in case I needed it again and he wasn’t around to borrow it from. I started munching my burger, and back in the clearing I continued my training. Those burgers were filling enough to last all day, so from now on I’d be getting one in the morning. I kept thinking about Sans, how close he’d come to finding me. I didn’t want to go back to him just yet, I had too much work to do. But someday...

FINALLY!!! Part 4 of Alice is complete! :D also reformatted all the chapters to look the same! :D 
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading so far and I hope you’ll fave and comment! :)

Next time: Days and weeks go by with no sign of Alice. Sans starts to see more of the mysterious cloaked person at the bar, but Alice struggles to deal with the strange shift in his mood. The whole town seems to become bleak as the skeleton brothers grow distant, and Alice is forced to choose: happiness in the face of danger, or safety despite a bleak unhappy existence?

Chapter 1: Alice chapter 1: New Kid In Town
Chapter 2: Alice chapter 2: Mysterious Powers
Chapter 3: Alice chapter 3: Control
Chapter 4: :meow:

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